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Flood Plain areas in Clayton Township

“The Great Flood of 2012” in Clayton Township opened the gates for the re-evaluation of floodplains and floodways within the Township and has insurance companies rapidly re-working their policies to include flood insurance for Clayton Township residents.   For those residents who floated through the 2012 Flood, you know, first hand, Clayton Township has floodplains!  For residents who were fortunate enough to bypass the Spring waters, or people new to Clayton Township, this page is designed to answer some of your questions regarding Floodplains and Floodways in Clayton Township.

Q:  Where does it all start?

FEMA sealA:  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maintains a national floodplain management plan which is a decision-making process that aims to achieve the wise use of the nation’s floodplains. “Wise use” means both reduced flood losses and protection of the natural resources and function of floodplains.

The National Flood Insurance Progam (NFIP) underwrites flood insurance coverage only in communities that adopt and enforce floodplain management regulations through an ordinance that meets or exceeds NFIP criteria.

Q: What is the difference between the floodplain and floodway?

A: The floodplain is any area that is suceptible to being inundated by water from any source.  Mostly, this is the area adjacent to a river, creek, lake, stream, or other waterway that is subject to flooding when there is a significant run-off event.

The floodway is the channel of a river or other watercourse that carries the deepest, fastest water downstream.

Q: How do I determine if my property is within a floodplain or floodway?

 A: Floodplain and floodway areas are designated by FEMA on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS).  The following maps will help you determine if you are within a floodplain in Clayton Township.  PLEASE NOTE:  Just because you may not have a creek or drainage ditch immediately on your property, DO NOT assume you are not located within a floodplain.

Tips for using the maps.

    • Find your nearest major crossroads or your section number, click on the link.
    • Look for areas which are highlighted in purple.
      • Any properties or parts of properties falling within the highlighted purple areas are considered within the floodplain.

Section 1 – Elms/Beecher/Morrish/Potter Roads

Section 2 – Beecher/McKinley/Potter Roads

Section 3 – Beecher/Seymour/Potter Roads

Section 4 – Beecher/Nichols/Potter Roads

Section 5 – Beecher/Potter Roads

Section 6 – Duffield/Beecher/Potter Roads

Section 7 – Duffield/Calkins/Sheridan/Beecher Roads

Section 8 – Nichols/Calkins/Duffield/Beecher Roads

Section 9 – VanVleet/Calkins/Nichols/Beecher Roads

Section 10 – Seymour/Calkins/Beecher Roads

Section 11 – Calkins/McKinley/Beecher Roads

Section 12 – Elms/Calkins/Morrish/Beecher Roads

Section 13 – Elms/Corunna/Morrish/Calkins Roads

Section 14 – Corunna/Calkins Roads

Section 15 – Corunna/Seymour/Calkins Roads

Section 16 – VanVleet/Corunna/Nichols/Calkins Roads

Section 17 – Nichols/Corunna/Calkins Roads

Section 18 – Duffield/Corunna/Old Corunna/Sheridan/Calkins Roads

Section 19 – Lennon/Sheridan/Corunna Roads

Section 20 – Nichols/Lennon/Duffield/Corunna Roads

Section 21 – Lennon/VanVleet/Corunna Roads

Section 22 – Lennon/Seymour/Corunna Roads

Section 23 – Lennon to Corunna Roads

Section 24 – Elms/Lennon/Morrish/Corunna Roads

Section 25 – Elms/Bristol/Morrish/Lennon Roads

Section 26 – Bristol/Lennon Roads

Section 27 – Seymour/Bristol/McEnrue/Lennon Roads

Section 28 – Bristol/McEnrue/Lennon Roads

Section 29 – Nichols/Bristol/McEnrue/Lennon/Duffield Roads

Section 30 – Duffield/Bristol/Sheridan/Lennon Roads

Section 31 – Duffield/Miller/Sheridan/Bristol Roads

Section 32 – Nichols/Miller/Duffield/Bristol Roads

Section 33 – VanVleet/Miller/Bristol/Part of I-69 rest area

Section 34 – Seymour/Miller/VanVleet/Bristol Roads

Section 35 – Morrish/Miller/Bristol Roads

Section 36 – Elms/Miller/Morrish/Bristol Roads

For more information about Floodplains, Floodways, or Emergency Management situations, you can visit the FEMA website here.


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